Are You Really Pursuing Growth?

Apr 6, 2023 | Business News, News & Updates

Most business owners have growth in mind. They have sales objectives for their organization, some prospects for services, and an idea of where they would like to be at some point. But there is a great difference between being interested in growth and getting ready for it. “Growth Readiness” is about more than wanting and pursuing business growth. It’s also about defining a clear vision, developing strategies and successfully implementing those strategies.

Create a Business Growth Vision.

Do you have a clear and written growth vision? A growth vision is a detailed look at your organization at some point in the future based on the assumption that you achieve the growth you are seeking. Ideally, it is a look at some finite point in time (3 to 5 years) that answers questions like: if we achieve the size and scope we are seeking, what would our client base be? How many employees would we have? What would our facility look like? What other aspects of the company would have to change and how? And, most importantly, what would our numbers (budgeted income and expenses) look like?

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