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What are Beyond Networking Groups?

Business-to-business groups of up to 12 companies, that meet virtually for an hour, twice a month to learn about each other’s products, services and unique selling proposition, to get a flow of qualified leads for and from each other.

What people are saying

“ I was skeptical about joining a networking group, but I have learned so much in a short period of time. Beyond Networking is truly more than networking. We educate each other on how to help one another, listen to our challenges and provide thoughtful feedback.”

~ Brittney Leonard

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The Program

When are the Beyond Networking Meetings?

Beyond Networking Groups occur on a specific day, and at a specific time on the first and third, or second and fourth week of each month. For example, one group might meet on the first and third Monday of the month at 3 PM. Each group will have a set day and time to meet.

Who Can Join the Meetings?

To join a Beyond Networking Group, you must be the owner or business development person for a company that sells products or services primarily to businesses.

How do the Meetings Work?

Beyond Networking Group meetings have a professional facilitator that leads the meeting, makes introductions, provides sales and marketing insights and keeps the meeting on schedule.

Meetings are held on Zoom and start promptly at the designated time and end on time.

What's included in the Meeting Agenda?

  • A brief sales or marketing lesson
  • Information from each attendee on a particular product or service they offer.
  • A deeper focus on one different company each meeting
  • Summary of leads needed, and results generated.

Each meeting will focus on a particular scenario, such as:

“What could your product or service do to help a company that had growing sales but needed higher profit margins?”

What would be your investment?

The fee to participate is charged at the beginning of each month. Monthly fees may be waived for our top lead givers and for those that refer others to the program if they join.

You will fill out a membership application and verify your B2B status before attending your first meeting.

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