How to Define Your Vision for Your Business

Oct 6, 2023 | Business News, Business Pains, Growth Problems

One of the most important tasks you’ll complete as a business owner is creating your company’s vision statement. It can be overwhelming to consider all the different hopes you have for your business. It’s essential to take your most desired professional goals and fuse them together to define your business vision. This vision will be what the company continuously strives to turn into a reality.

Vision vs. Mission

Your business vision is not the same as your mission. Your company’s mission touches on the concrete goals that have already been established. These are the goals that your employees are working towards during the day-to-day of business operations. The vision is the grand idea about where you want the company to consistently be moving towards. It exists as an extension of where your business currently stands.

Steps for Defining Your Company’s Vision

Know your goals and the steps your business will take to accomplish them. Make sure these goals are written down and in as much detail as possible. Use measurable, specific standards and document the metrics you’ll use to measure success.

Establish the values by which you will conduct your business. Make connections between your company values and your business goals. This strategy will reveal how they interact with one another to help you achieve success.

Be simplistic in your company’s vision. If your vision gets too complicated, it will be more difficult for employees to understand and support that vision. A simple vision also reminds you that it is achievable and encourages you to stay motivated in working towards making it a reality.

Be specific in your company’s vision. Yes, we realize that at first this might seem contrary to step three’s suggestion of being simplistic, but there is a way to be specific about your vision without adding too much detail. Speak your vision aloud or write it down and you’ll realize the ambiguity that lives within your thoughts. Speaking and writing helps you form the vision into more concrete and specific terms. Repeat this process as you make edits to your vision to successfully achieve both simplicity and specificity.

Think of the future. If your mission is meant to be reflected in your daily business practices, your vision should a) encompass your forward-thinking and consideration the future landscape of your industry and b) give you an idea of how you will sustain and scale your business over the coming years.

Develop a timeline. “The future” is, by itself, a rather vague amount of time to plan for, and in order to make your vision a more achievable reality, it’s important to establish timeframes for the different milestones you want to accomplish. It is reaching each of these milestones along your business journey that pushes you closer and closer to your initially established vision.

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