Identifying Your Business Priorities

Aug 6, 2023 | Business News, Leadership

A company needs solid goals in order to be successful. The goals are accomplishment points, and they require real action on a daily basis in order to reach. Your business’s priorities are the actionable steps you will need to take in order to meet your goals. Let’s take a look at how to identify and act on your business priorities.

Step #1: Establish a Primary Goal

The first step in identifying your priorities is to ask yourself what your business needs to do to be successful this year. Although this question may have many answers, it’s best to come to a consensus about one major goal you want your business to accomplish. Once you’ve found your main goal, you can begin breaking that down into smaller pieces, but the initial goal should give your employees and leadership team something to rally around.

Examples of Primary Goals:

  • Increased Brand Presence Online
  • Streamlined Business Processes
  • Build a 2nd Location
  • Implement CRM Software
  • Establish Steady Growth

Step #2: Tie Goals to Actions

Your primary goal can then be broken down into smaller goals. If your primary goal is to increase your business’s online presence, for example, smaller goals might be things like:

  1. Have business profiles or pages on 5 different social media platforms.
  2. Have a steady flow of daily visitors to your website.
  3. Grow your Facebook business page to 1,000 followers.

Identify the actionable steps you and your employees can take to accomplish the smaller goals. Using the example above, these actions could include researching the best social media platforms for businesses, promoting your website with Google advertisements, and hiring a copywriter to create engaging content that will grow your company’s fanbase.

Step #3: Assign Responsibilities

Finally, assign each responsibility to its appropriate department or employee. Keep open communication with all of your employees to ensure they stay reminded of your business’s main goal so that they can prioritize their responsibilities. It often takes an entire company to accomplish any primary goal, and it’s important to keep all moving pieces in order and keep your employees working in harmonious collaboration to achieve that goal.

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