New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business in 2020

Oct 6, 2019 | News & Updates

The new year is fast approaching, and there’s no better time to start setting some solid goals for your business to accomplish in 2020. Every business desires success and growth, but unfortunately, neither of those typically happen overnight. With the right plans and dedication, you can take big steps in the coming year to better your business and overcome challenges.

Resolution #1: Improve Communication

With any business, communication is a big deal and can easily make or break your reputation and ability to grow professionally. Communicating efficiently with team members, partners, clients, customers, and anyone else your business is involved with shouldn’t be something you neglect in the coming year. Some ways you can improve on this in 2020 are:

  • Hold weekly team meetings to discuss upcoming projects, challenges, etc.
  • Use internet marketing to communicate with your clients or customers and promote brand awareness.
  • Reach out to current and potential clients regularly or periodically to touch base and address any needs they may have.

Resolution #2: Get Involved in Your Community

A great strategy for growing a business is to branch out in your neighborhood both personally and professionally in order to show potential clients and customers that you aren’t just a business owner sitting behind a desk and counting your profits. Attend or sponsor local events put on by other community members or businesses in order to get more involved with the people your business is meant to serve. Join a new business organization or networking group to meet new professionals and build beneficial partnerships.

Resolution #3: Make Time for Yourself

Your business is the sum of its parts, and you are a key player in the success of your business. In order to bring your clearest mind and best self to work every day, you need to ensure you are spending some time on yourself. Set some personal goals for 2020 that will help you maintain or better your physical and emotional health and reach them.

Tips for Self-Care as a Business Owner

  • Start an exercise routine for yourself.
  • Find a new hobby that interests you.
  • Don’t over-schedule and learn to say “no”.
  • Learn a new skill by taking a class.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Prioritize sleep and ensure you’re getting enough every night.
  • Practice mindfulness and live more in the moment.

Resolution #4: Plan for Your Business’s Future with Growth Team Strategies

Having a professional business growth expert on your side to offer guidance in a variety of areas of your day-to-day operations, as well as long-term goals and desires, is the best way to ensure you are successful in 2020.

At Growth Team Strategies, we are dedicated to understanding your vision for growth and providing you with the tools you need to be the company you’ve always wanted to be. Contact us today to get started and see how we can help ensure your business’s growth in the new year.