Why Create a Budget for Your Business

Oct 6, 2023 | Business News

When you own a business, the financial aspects of it help you establish security and help ensure you can accomplish the things you want your business to achieve. Let’s take a look at why budgeting for your business is important and how to create a budget.

Creating a Business Budget: The Why

Budgeting is a part of life. We budget for new homes, raising children and vacations. Why should your business be any different? A business is an investment of your time and money. Budgeting is the first step to ensuring success on both a daily basis and in the long run.

Business budgeting can:

  • Help you minimize expenses
  • Ensure you pay bills on time and keep you out of debt
  • Help you afford what your business needs
  • Increase profits
  • Enable you to work fewer hours
  • Prepare your business for the future
  • Help you make better financial decisions
  • Reveal leftover funds for reinvestment

Now let’s take a look at how to start budgeting for your business.

Creating a Business Budget: The How

Step 1: Examine Your Revenue – Finding all of your sources of income is the first step in budgeting for your business. Determine what money comes into your business on a daily, weekly, monthly, and/or yearly basis. Once all income streams have been totaled and you have analyzed past revenue, you can begin to notice trends and patterns to better prepare for the future.

Step 2: Calculate Your Fixed Costs – Next, add up all of the expenses that you can expect on a monthly and yearly basis. Fixed costs can include supplies, equipment, lease payments, taxes, insurance, payroll, debt repayment, insurance, utilities, and other expenses that you must pay throughout the year.

Step 3: Examine Variable Expenses – In addition to fixed costs, you likely have some variable expenses that are not as cut-and-dry and that may change throughout the year or only occur on a more random basis. These expenses can include replacing of equipment, training or professional development, marketing costs, your own salary, and more.

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